Guest Post: What Causes Acne: The Ultimate Approach

srijeda, studenoga 15, 2017

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Applying moisturizer on your oily face can sound like a disaster. In reality, however, it’s actually what your skin needs.

Don’t believe it?

Well, for your skin to function and protect itself, it has these natural oils that strengthen its barrier. Once those oils are stripped off, your skin is forced to produce more oil to bring the balance back.

Unfortunately, this can spell disaster for your skin.

The more oil there is, the more prone you’ll be to having clogged pores and skin breakouts.

For someone who’s already dealing with large zits and blackheads, this is probably the last thing you want to happen, right?

So, instead of skipping moisturizers, try to find one that will work for your skin type. Choose a light-weight and oil-free moisturizer that can hydrate your skin without suffocating your pores.

Try to avoid anything that contains fragrance as that can irritate your skin, too.
Now, here’s something really interesting.

Moisturizers aren’t the only thing you have to worry about when you have acne. There are actually tons of things that can make your skin breakout.

This includes your diet, your stress level and even your physical activity.

If you are curious to learn more about the sneaky causes of acne, check out this really handy infographic.

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