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petak, lipnja 16, 2017

Hello everyone!

Since it's Friday I want to share some goodies on my blog for you today.
I've got Trio Eye Kit  from Sedona Lace 3 weeks ago and I included those in my daily makeup routine.
What should I say except that I'm always amazed with these brushes. I have a lot of their brushes that I got before and they haven't changed at all.. above all of that they are amazing when it comes to their use.
Let me show you close up of these brushes..

Blending EB 13 brush

My favorite from this Trio is Sedona Lace blending brush and it makes blending so easy! That's what we all need right?
I like it because it is pretty dense and definitely one of the largest blending brushes out there.

Brow EB 17 brush

The key to better brows is having the right tool set. This duo is perfect for applying brow color effortlessly and then blending it out to look completely natural. The angled brow side has more stiff, textures bristles so that you can really get it there with your brow color. After that, use the spoolie side to blend out harsh lines and create consistent, even color.

Eyeliner EB 19 brush
If you have problems applying liner, this bent brush will solve all your problems. The ferrule is conveniently angled so that you can apply gel or liquid liner without having your view obstructed by the brush head. The tip of the brush was created to be dense and pointed to give you a clean line.

It on sale at the moment.. Actual price is $39.95 but you can still get it for $19.98
Also use my $4 code - miaaak18
click here for direct link

Thank you for stopping by!

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