Lipland Liquid Lipsticks Review

utorak, travnja 05, 2016

Hello everyone!
I'm so glad regards of doing this review. Recently I got two liquid lipsticks from Lipland and they are from Amrezy's collection. I wanted these so bad, just to try them out.. I posted a pic on my Snapchat (@miaaak18) and I got so many messages to tell them are they good or bad. I've been using these non stop since I got them (I got them three weeks ago).

Use discount code : mia for 25% off at the checkout!

I got two shades : "Rezy" and "Fifty-Fifty" (direct links)

Let me tell you what I think about them..


I think these liquid lipsticks are great. They have amazing pigmentation, layer well and dries matte without leaving your lips feeling dehydrated. Be careful not to use too much, it can get messy… I like to dab the majority in the centre of my lips and work my way outwards. If you don’t have a steady hand, use a lipliner before you apply this

Packaging is very beautiful and may just be the perfect gift for lipstick lovers like myself !
You can see the packaging down below on pictures!


F I F T Y - F I F T Y 

Well this shade is awesome, you can use it on every day bases. Also when you're going out. 
It dries shade darker as it is, that's in my case.
This is how it looks like (swatch picture down below)

Also, great gift for all of you who likes these kinds of colors...


If you're interested in purchasing these liquid lipsticks make sure to use my discount code : "mia" for 25% off at the checkout!

Have a great day everyone!


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