Vampy Lipsticks Every Girl Needs

ponedjeljak, ožujka 14, 2016

Hello Monday and let's start this week right!
Today I wanted to talk about someting I enjoy trying out and wearing every time I want to do my full face makeup. Classic eyes with soft cut crease and liner but those vampy lipsticks make your look dramatic. I love dark vampy lipsticks and I have many of them in my makeup collection.
You can get all of my favourite lipsticks online and I will provide links on the pictures to redirect you to the purchasing page.

1. ANIISE by Patricia De Leon - Pro Matte Lipsctick | Tango in Paris

This is by far my favourite lipstick. I really love Aniise lipsticks and lipstains and they have very good quality. I can't tell anything bad about these cause they are the best lipsticks I have tried since I started doing my reviews and blogging. I had the chance to try out so many of their shades and all of them are amazing. If you are searching for a great lipstick you need these in your life.
Purchase : Here!

2. Aura Shine Excess - 760|Gothic Violet

I really love Aura lipsticks and lipstains. I have every single shade they have in their collection and they are affordable and good quality brand. If you want cheaper alternative for the Aniise ones you can purchase these and you won't regret it.
Purchase : Here!

3. Flormar Deluxe Cashmere Stylo - DC27

The most affordable lipsticks in my collection and yet one of the best! I would compare it with Aniise ones, but they have better pigmentation. Flormar is great brand and I always love to purchase their products because they are very cheap and very good products. My recomendation! Go for it!
Purchase: Here!

4. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - TRANSYLVANIA

I tried this lip cream couple days ago and I tested it to see if it's long lasting, if it dry out your lips or make them look cakey. I'm impressed so far, and NYX did good job in creating this formula. I also love their Matte lipsticks and they have awesome pigmentation but for me they are a little bit pricey here in my country. If you order them online you can get discount or free shipping and they are cheaper also.
Purchase : Here!

 This concludes my vampy, dark lipsticks favorites. If you love these kinds of post comment below and I would love to review the products for you. Hope you're having great monday!
Love you,


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