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Hello everyone!
Today is rainy day, so I'm in my bed, cozy drinking tea and realised maybe I can tell you about my current favourite products I've been using last month. They are face products and a handcream from Queen Odelia company. I've got their face serum, day cream and a handcream and I love their products. They are a little bit pricey but so worth it. Let me tell you about them more.
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Facial Serum | Silky Smooth

This is amazing product. I used it every time I clean my face and facial serum’s highly concentrated active ingredients target the deep-set causes of premature aging. It provides the skin with important nutrients and lubrication that will give your skin a naturally youthful quality. The serum feels luxurious, glides over the skin, and smells amazing. It will invigorate your skin, and your skin will appear noticeably smoother even after the first time you apply it. When it sets to your skin you need to apply day cream to improve the performance of facial serum.

Day cream | Protective Shield
This is amazing day cream. It hydrates my skin, leaving it soft, smooth and it's good primer before applying my makeup. Holy grail cream!
Day Cream was created for the purpose of shielding the skin on your face from damaging particles in the air, extreme elemental changes, and to bring out the best in your skin every day. The cream was especially developed with hand picked and entirely natural resources combined to create the perfect blend of nutrients and antioxidants that work to maximize luminosity and minimize any signs of premature aging.
Daily application of Queen Odelia’ day cream will protect your skin and give it a lift. Additionally, the natural moisturizers in the cream will give your skin a soft glow that will make you feel fierce and empowered.
Before starting your day, be sure to apply an even, thin layer of Queen Odelia’s day cream to a clean face. Not only will it shield the outer-most layer of your skin, but it will also serve as an effective primer that will ensure your makeup stays in place throughout the day.

Handcream | Extreme Moisturizer
You know those handcreams that when you apply them your hands are so oily and you can't do anything before it sets into your skin? This hand cream is not one of those.
This sets right after you apply it and smells so good. I apply it every time I wash my hands, and that's about million times a day. I love it so much and I recommend it to every woman who has dry skin on their hands.
Its antioxidant activity was uniquely developed to fade age spots, tighten loose skin, and soothe dryness. The cream also protects the skin from free radicals, exposure to damaging chemicals, and the extreme temperature changes.
It was created to suit the needs of all skin types. It keeps the skin properly hydrated, and is just the right size so that you can stash it inside your bag to have on you at all times.

That's all for today. Hope you love this beauty post.
Till the next time,
Love Mia

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