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četvrtak, veljače 11, 2016

Hello everyone,

Today's post will be about Sedona Lace brushes that I got from their company as a gift so I can try out the brushes and review them for you here. I have tried so many brushes from so many brands, and there are the ones that I really love and the ones that don't work for me, but with these brushes I had great experience. I love these brushes! Here are the ones I got..

Synhetic Short Flat Contour Brush - 781

The short, concentrated bristles of the flat contour brush are constructed to fit into the hollows of the face for perfect chiseling. It can be used with any cream, liquid, and powder products to create a seamlessly sculpted look.

I love this brush for contouring! It gives you precize line of your contour and also blends your contour so it's not harsh. It's very good brush for your cream and powder contours and I recommend it to every girl that needs flawless makeup. 

Price : $16.95 and it's very good price for a brush like this. 
Here's direct link for your purchase : Sedona Lace - 781 brush

Synthetic Flat Top brush  - 928

When it comes to foundation the Synthetic Flat Top Powder Brush is your best friend. The dense, flat surface perfectly applies foundation - whether it be cream, liquid or powder. A flat top brush is your key to an airbrushed foundation application. Use this brush on its edge to get precise and defined cheek contour color. The pink and black colors on the bristles is a registered trademark of Sedona Lace. 

Tip: For areas that need extra coverage, tap the bristles of this brush flat onto your face in a patting motion. For areas that need less coverage, use a circular, blending motion.

Great brush! Comparable to other higher end brushes. This brush is awesome 

for applying your foundation even for blending the contours, or cream blushes.
Price : $18.95 
Here's link for purchase : Sedona Lace -928 brush

I hope you guys love this post. If you want to see my brush collection or my favorite brushes when it comes to makeup, comment down below. Also if you have already tried these Sedona Lace brushes tell me what are your thoughts and experiences.

Love you and have a nice day everyone!

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