Chicovnik 2016 - For planning with style

četvrtak, veljače 11, 2016

Today's post will be for all the busy girls out there.
I love this planner cause it helps me plan my days, weeks and my whole month. 
CHICovnik is the first bh planer with style adjusted to all womenThis planner is designed and manufactured in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

When you open this designer cover on its pages you will find planner for each day , site planning monthly budget , shopping list , menstrual calendar , quick and healthy recipes and much more cause CHICovnik is the most appealing styling addition for every woman !


CHICovnik carefully design is designed to be trendy and chic accessory for all women , regardless of age, occupation , height and weight .

You can order your copy online and they will deliver it to your home.
Here is the direct link :
You will find CHICovnik on the shelves in fashion KreARTiva Concept Store shop.
CHICovnik is available in bookstores I Affa ( Mostar ), bookstore Antonio Commerce ( Mostar ) , Concept Store Burtuqalli ( Sarajevo ) and bookstores Office Shop ( Sarajevo ).

Also check out their FB page : CHICovnik
Thank you for stopping by. Have a nice day and order your CHICovnik right now, you won't regret it believe me!

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