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petak, prosinca 11, 2015

Today's post will be about "Skin for perfect skin"  face cleaning and exfoliating brushes, that I reviewed not to long ago. I want to update you guys about my experiece with using these brushes so you can purchase and be satisfied with. Also I will give you a discount code that you can use while purchasing.

I've been using this for couple of months and I can for sure tell you that if you have problems with acne, eczema or blackheads, or you just need something to exfoliate your face every night before bed, you need these brushes!
I had problems with acne, even if my skin wasn't that sensitive, and I found these holly grail brushes that cleaned my skin to the max!
I use them every morning for cleaning face from the night cream and every night when I take off my make up to exfoliate my skin before I go to sleep. 

Also, I had problems with acne on my back and I couldn't get rid of them so I wanted to try this body brush that comes in package to solve my problem.
Now I don't have that problem cause this brush is everything! I use it every time I get shower with body pilling and it cleared every single pimple or acne I had in that area.
Pumice brush, for your heels is the best. I don't have problem with dead skin on my heels but I use this every 2-3 weeks and I love it!

Now I will tell you what you get in package, if you never read my post about this stuff.
You get :

  • Body brush
  • Cleansing brush
  • Exfoliating brush
  • Pumice brush

 The price for this set is originaly 100$, but if you use my discount code you can get it for only 30$!

Discount code : lovemia
Here's the link to shop http://vpwow.com/lovemia
And when you get your package tag your photo  @vanityplanetstore

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