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ponedjeljak, listopada 19, 2015

Hello Lovelies!
In today's post I will show you what I use in my daily makeup routine. These are my holy grail products and most of them are drugstore. I will tell you the price and place or website where you can purchase the item. Let's start!

First you need something to moisturize and prime your face. I use, believe it or not, Nivea man aftershave sensitive balsam. It's one of the tricks that I heard from NikkieTutorials. Don't even ask me why, but that is the best "primer" I have used, EVER!

You can buy it everywhere, in supermarkets, DM, CM and it's not expencive. (8$)

After that, I use my Skindinavia Primer Spray. I talked about it in one of my post's. You can buy primer + finishing spray together and the price is (50$)

Move on to the application of foundation. One of the best foundations I have ever used is my L'Oreal Infallible 24H in 200-Golden Sand. I love this foundation! A few friends recommended it to me, and It's one of the best purchases I've done in a long time. It looks great on, gives a matt look, doesn't feel heavy at all, and sits well. My face doesn't get oily but I do set it with a translucent powder.

And here comes the best thing in the history of makeup. We all want to cover up those dark circles around our eyes right? Well, I recieved a package the other day with little present. I was so excided to try out this thing so I went to my bedroom and started putting my makeup on. I got the BOO-BOO Cover up concealer in Medium and I was so surprised how it looks on me. It cover's everything and in the same time, if you have bad acne or zits it heals them. 

You can find it on their official website and the price is 20$ for 10ml and belive me a little goes a long way, and you can use this much for a long time. 

I set my concealer and the rest of the face with my Stay Matte by Rimmel. I talked about it couple of times and it's great pressed powder for every skin tone.

You can purchase it in every drugstore for the great price! Only (3.5$-4$)

Than, I a little bit conture my face with matt bronzing powder from Essence. 

I think it's only 4$ and you get 12m of product. Great deal!

After that I do my eyebrows. Everyone is asking me about them and how I make my eyebrows so defined. Basically what I use is Dark Brown matte eyeshadow from NYX (Nude matte eyeshadow "Betrayal" cool dark brown) and the brush I use is angled brush by Cala. 


For cheeks I use only highlighter on a daily bases, blush not so much. The one I really love is Mary-Lou manizer and it's the best reviewed highlighter. It's from The Balm cosmetics and it costs about 24$ but you can use it for a very long time.

Last step is eyeshadows and eyeliner, and mascara! 
I use my NYX Smokey Look palette that I mentioned on my blog couple of times. For my everyday makeup I use light brown on my crease and eyeliner. 
I use two black eyeliners: Aniise Gel Black Eyeliner  (25$) and BHCosmetics liquid eyeliner (6$)
The last step is putting my mascara on and I'm ready to go!
The one that I use at the moment is Full Lashes mascara by H&M and I can say that I really love it.

That's it my lovely girls! I hope you loved this post, and if you have already tried one of these products mention it in comments below. 

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  1. Ovaj Rimmelov kameni puder je predobar, a voljela bih probati ovaj sprej :)


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