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srijeda, rujna 09, 2015

" Apply flawlessly, holds perfectly!"

Two weeks ago I recieved a package from Skindinava and it was these two face sprays : Makeup Primer Spray & Makeup Finishing Spray, I couldn't wait to put my makeup on, ofcourse to try these sprays out and see if they are really so good as I heard so.
I can say that I really love these two! My makeup stayed flawless all day long. 

The Primer Makeup Spray | Oil Control

Anti-shine vitamin based primer absorbs excess oil while creating a smooth, lightweight canvas for flawless makeup application. Helps to even out skin tone, reduce the appearance of large pores and prevent breakouts. It's also silicone-free!
I use this primer spray every day when I apply my makeup. Such a good base for foundation!
This works with every foundation, cause I tried three different ones and the application was so good and the finish look so flawless.Also, smells so good and that's what I love about these sprays.
Pro And yes it does work!

 More information about this product on link :
 Skindinavia - The Makeup Primer Spray

The Makeup Finishing Spray | Oil Control

When you apply your makeup best thing to do right after is spray some finishing spray. It really helps your makeup stay all day long and it prevents makeup from fading, creasing  and melting. Keeps your makeup looking flawless up to 16 hours! And it really does. The smell is amazing, specially this one! 

Information on this product : Makeup setting spray

So, If you really want to invest in good setting sprays, I can say that you definitely need to buy these two. How to buy them?

Go to and make your order now! You won't regret it.

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