Happy first birthday to my blog !

subota, rujna 19, 2015

    " Believe you can do it & you're halfway there!"

I can't believe it's been a whole year!

I can say that I'm very proud of what I achieved in only one year. I had so many collaborations, worked with companies that I loved before I was blogging. 
I have met so many, amazing people, recieved so many beautiful emails from my followers, friends and family. 
Thank you to every each one of you who has given me so much support and has been my follower from the very beggining!
This is my little corner of happiness, where I share with you my oppinions, life stories and everything that I love. 

Hope you loved my blogging for this year cause we have so many years to go!

Love you all,

xoxo Mia

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Bye dollies! <3

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