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utorak, lipnja 09, 2015

Girls from Sole Serum company sent me this gift to try it out. I can say that I'm very impressed how this works. I've always had problem with wearing high heels cause my feet start to hurt after a while. Is this the best solution? Read below!

 What is Sole Serum?

Luxury serum for foot pain relief! A scientific blend of organic and soothing elements, Sole Serum is the first product designed to restore comfort to the most fashionable of feet.
It's magic in one mint bottle! It helps your feet to feel relaxed and ready to go. If your feet hurts don't take your shoes of! Just put some sole serum and after a few minutes you won't feel any pain!
At first I wasn't so sure about it, but when I tried it, it was amazing. 

How it works?

If your feet starts to hurt badly from wearing heels here's how to stop it. Just apply 2-3 pumps and massage your feet for a minute. Wait for it to dry.. than put your heels back on and you won't feel any pain. I tried it and I can surely tell you it works!

Where you can buy your own Sole Serum?

You can buy it from their official site : 
They have worldwide shipping!
Here are the prices!

Thank you SoleSerum for this gift! I love it!

Guys I hope you love this review and I hope you'll try this amazing painkiller.
Share your pictures on instagram with hashtag #soleserum and follow their official ig - @soleserum
All informations on their official site!
If you have any questions sent them to :

Comment below if you already tried this product.

Bye dollies!

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