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utorak, lipnja 30, 2015

Hi dollies.

So my skincare routine changed since I tried these products that I will talk about in my today's post. Nikel cosmetics made collaboration with me and sent me these products, so I tried them for these two weeks. My skin is normal/oily in my T zone but I can tell you for sure that I'm very impressed with all of the products. I will be talking about each one of them.

About Nikel cosmetics : 

NiKEL®, cosmetics with signature. Nikel cosmetics is based on own pharmaceutical recipes and 100% natural active ingredients, whose effectiveness is proven and dermatologically approved. A combination of traditional knowledge and the latest achievements. All substances in the product, as well as finished products, proven quality and are accompanied by certificates of authorized institutions.

Nikel line is originated by Mirjana Brlečić pharmacist, which according to the strict rules of the profession, confirms the effectiveness of the preparations and the finest herbal essence of the message - Nature cures!

More about NIkel on their official site :

1.  Coconut Butter | with Carrot

This balm is rich in natural sesame, sunflower, almond and olive oils and it protects and nourishes the most sensitive skin. It protects your skin from sun. Its good for those days when you exfoliate your skin to the sun. It is used for everyday protection to relax and soothe the skin after sun exposure. Refreshes the skin and protects it from premature ageing. Keeps skin tone and it gives your skin velvety shine. I used it couple of times after tanning and it is amazing. Your skin smells like coconut and it has that healty glow! Love this product

2. Face Wash Gel | with Hamamelis

ECO mild foaming gel with hamamelis, orange and lavender. It reduces pores, refreshes and soothes skin with a deep cleansing effect. I tried it for two weeks and I can say it's great product for cleansing your face after cleaning your make up. I used it in the morning and every night. My skin is very sensitive and I never found a product that was good for cleansing my face. This face wash gel is definitely the best one cause it's made from natural essential oils. It is also Eo-free, Sulfate-free, Betaine-free and Paraben-free.This face wash gel made my skin a little bit dry but when you use it with good moisturizer it gives you that healty skin.  Great product! Big thumbs up!

3. Rose tonic | alcohol free | for normal and dry skin

A gentle, alcohol-free tonic, with organic rose water. This is suitable for every day use after Cleansing milk  or on its own for cleansing, calming, toning and refreshing. I used it after cleansing my face with face wash gel and it is perfect combination. Also before putting my makeup on. It's one of the best tonic's I have ever used in my skincare routine.
Beauty tip : it makes perfect compress for tired eyes!

4. Hydrating Mask | with orange

New, deep hydrating strength for your skin. Refreshing and hydrating even to the deepest layers of your skin. I used it every four days and it really hydrates your skin. Your face feel so fresh after this mask. You apply it to your entire face and eye area, not forgeting the neck and lower neckline. After 5-10 minutes, you remove everything that has not been absorbed with a cotton pad, without rinsing. Apply toner and face cream. And that's it! After this you have beautiful, healthy looking skin.
Beauty tip : For maximum restoring effect, exfoliate (pilling) before applying this mask!

5. Nourishing Mask | with rose

A rich mask with deep nourishing and restoring effects. Calms tense skin. Apply it to your face and neck and after 10 minutes remove what has not been absorbed with a cotton pad, without rinsing. This mask is good for those days ( woman problems )  when your skin feels so tense and when you have problems with acne. I tried it and it really works! It calms your skin, removes the redness and you feel so fresh. I applied it before going to bed and when you wake up in the morning your skin feels so smooth and calmed. Big thumbs up for this one!

Where you can buy these amazing products :
1. Ljekarne Inel i Alpha plus | Mostar
2. Ljekarna Afarm | Široki Brijeg
3. Ljekarna Ljubić | Grude - soon!
4.Ljekarna Cvit Likarije | Ljubuški
5. Webshop -

Follow them on instagram -

Hope you enjoyed this post and love the products!
Comment below if you ever tried any of these products.


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