How to design your own swimsuit | with "Kiniswimwear"

nedjelja, travnja 12, 2015

Hi guys!

Today's post will be about swimwear and how to design your own piece for summer! Since we all love summer days on the beach, here are tips how to have your own unique swimsuit for crazy summer days!
First of all, I love this idea and I made a collaboration with this company named "Kiniswimwear" . Now I will show you how it works in steps!

First step :

 You enter their website and you click to - START DESIGNING

Step 2 :

Step 3 :

You have to choose your favourite shape for top and bottom! Then click - READY TO CUSTOMISE MY KINI!

Step 4 :

Now you choose your own design!

Step 5 :

 You have so many fabrics : plain are the clear colors, metallics and also so many prints! This is how I designed my own summer swimsuit! Then you choose your top and bottom size on top! When you're finished you go to the checkout :)

Step 6 :

You are done! Last step is checkout cart! 

Go to their website for more information -
and check out their instagram page and click follow -

Hope you love this post! 
*comment below if you have any questions


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