Favourite apps on my Iphone

ponedjeljak, veljače 02, 2015

My iPhone goes everywhere with me. If I go anywhere and forget my phone at home, I spend the whole time away feeling like I'm missing a limb. I know that sounds overly dramatic, but it's the truth. I do everything on my phone, from blog maintenance and keeping up with social media to my IT studies. My phone is like my little assistant and I'd be lost without it.

1. Instagram

Gotta have my Instagram! My day is not complete without checking in a few times a day. It's usually the first app I check when I wake up and one of the last before I got to bed.
I also have my makeup account - it's @makeupbymia18

2. Viber / WhatsApp/ Gmail

My favourite apps for talking to my friends and family.I use Gmail for my bussines inquires and collaborations.

3. Google+ Snapseed

I pondered through a few image editing apps before discovering the joy that is Google+ Snapseed. I use this app for pretty much every photo I post to Instagram and really love the filters and effects that the editing tools give. Although once a Valencia girl through and through, I'm kinda over the traditional Instagram filters and prefer to use Snapseed as a quick and easy alternative. My favourite filter is called 'DRAMA' and gives exactly the right amount of vibrance and low contrast to my picture.

4. Awesome Note

 Awesome Note - this is the app where I keep all of my lists - blog post ideas, videos ideas, my shopping list, photo ideas, you name it. The app helps me keep my plans and ideas organized, especially when I don't have a notebook nearby.

What iPhone apps are you loving lately? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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