The 5 Secrets to No-Makeup Makeup

utorak, studenoga 25, 2014


Sometimes you want your makeup to look perfect. Sometimes you want to look like you're not wearing any makeup at all (you just wake up like this!). To help you achieve that elusive "no-makeup makeup" when you're in the latter mode.

Use tinted moisturizer instead of foundation. 
Apply it using your fingers; this provides a more natural application because it goes on thinner, and you can always build from there. Make sure to apply it so that you can still see the natural skin coming through slightly. If you need more coverage, you can go back with concealer and erase any imperfections.

Try cream blush vs. powder. 
I like cream blush for this type of look because it has a dewiness to it that keeps the skin looking really fresh, and it gives a healthy glow without looking like blush. Use your ring finger and dab it on the apple of the cheek, working it in using circular motions upward towards the cheekbone."

Keep mascara and liner minimal.
 With a no-makeup makeup look, it’s important to bring out the eyes, but keep it simple, with just two coats of mascara. An alternative to piling on tons of the stuff? To create the effect of having fuller lashes, you can use a black eyeliner and dot along the top lash line. Some eyeliner formulas are really dry, so try using a creamier one which goes on smoother so it’s easier to draw the dots.

Give lips natural glow. 
Stay away from lipstick—instead use a tinted lip balm, or something like that, which is a sheer cheek and lip tint. You can apply it straight from the tube by dotting it for a natural finish, or use your fingers to dab the color onto the lips.

Hold the powder.
  That way you remove the excess oil, but you don’t have a powder finish.

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