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utorak, studenoga 04, 2014

Figure out what your skin type is. The most common types are oily, dry, normal, or sensitive. Some can be a combination of these. You will need to buy products that can accommodate your skin type.Better if you will use expensive one or the one that is with a good brand name.
Research online or in books what cleansers, lotions, makeup, etc. are recommended by other people with your skin type. For example, if you have sensitive skin and a certain brand is highly recommended you might want to consider sampling that brand.
Write and type up a list of what you think you need to do to keep your skin looking nice. This will provide you with a basis of what you need to make a priority.
Use the general rules of thumb when it comes to face cleaning. Wash your face twice a day with warm water and a gentle cleanser. Use a mask or scrub once or twice a week. If you have acne or blackheads, OTC products with benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and glycolic acid can be effective. (But if you have cystic acne, it would be smart to go to the dermatologist and possibly get a prescription medication.)
Don't fill up your vanity with bottles and bottles of beauty potions. Putting too much on your skin can do permanent damage. If you have blackheads on your chin, and your dermatologist prescribed you a cream for it, put that cream on and go to sleep. Do not put benzoyl peroxide over that, or it will burn and sting like no end.
Know what to do when skin scares happen to you! If you have flaky, rough patches: use a non-comedogenic moisturizer that is oil free. if you have oily or shiny spots: blot gently with a clean facial tissue, and resist the urge to over wash your face (it will create more oil). If you have acne: stick to your regular skin care routine, but add in a topically applied acne medication every day to every other day. If you have a rash, etc.: don't put anything on your skin; you are likely allergic to something.
Stick to your routine. Keep travel-size bottles of your favorite products in your purse, car, gym bag, etc. so you can use them when needed.


1. L'Oreal Skin Perfector 3 in 1

I'm a real fan of this. It's gentle like water, no smell stickiness or residue. Cleans skin nicely and removes makeup. I really like this best for a quick wipe of my face in the morning to remove oil, as I've recently decided to cut down on overly washing my face in case of stripping it too much.

2. Afrodita / Young and Pure - Clean 

3.  Nivea Moisturizing day care 


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