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petak, studenoga 07, 2014

If your not sure whether it is the beauty blogger indeed true connoisseur of cosmetics, just to ask her whether she had heard of EOS (Evolution of Smooth) products and everything will be clear. Because it was the beauty bloggers (yay for subtle Michele Phan!) Contributed to the fact that girls around the world suffer the most beautiful and the merriest balms that absolutely everybody wants to have, and why their products are so popular and acclaimed, we will share in today's article.


Like most girls I first heard about it  through foreign vbloggers and I immediately fell to the first story that are 100% natural and 95% organic, and they also happen to look so cheerful and practically did not know that the girl would not have wanted have such a balm in the collection.

I got the Summer Fruit who considers himself the most traction on strawberry and Honeysuckle Honeydew, which according to me smells a bit on some citrus fruits.


Packages are really very practical, in fact, adorable. It is easy to unscrew, and their oval shape allow the easiest to apply balm ever. I may sound a little unenthusiastic, but there really is something to that their shape makes them even more attractive. I could not resist so I licked his tongue several times lips so I felt their flavor, and although definitely not intended for it to be with them licked, have a sweet taste. :)

Summer Fruit is a moisturizing lip balm with a refreshing strawberry, blueberry and peach.


Honeysuckle Honeydew is a balm made from honeydew which is essentially a sweet juice that bees processed honey.


The ingredients of these balms are truly envious. Besides olive oil, it is good to know that also contain shea butter, coconut oil, jajobobe also beeswax so that these balms their composition for a reason rises to the heavens, and indeed in the real sense, balsams, and not just a nice packaged products. :)

I inflict on them constantly. Modifies a little one, a little second, depending on which we can get their hands, and as usual I have a problem with is often cracked and dry lips and certainly do not have in the habit of constantly applied balms, for these can not stop to catch. They are not sticky, and for a long time they need to absorb. Sometimes I reach them to reapply, and then I realize that they still feel on the lips.

Checked EOS balms work great if applied in thick layers before bedtime. In the morning you really love your lips and you will create a great base for example, a matte lipstick or lip liner. Anyway, I am thrilled with them and definitely recommend them to all lovers of the applicators for lip, and those who need a good quality lip, especially now that we are closer to the cooler weather.
Another product that impressed me the EOS hand cream, Fresh Flowers.

It smells of flowers, literally, without exaggeration. How is the list of ingredients, among other things listed and shea butter which my skin loves this cream really thrilled. Because really quickly absorbed, em what they need very little, even with all that it leaves your hands soft and moisturizing is really a very long time.


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