Catrice BB cream - review

srijeda, studenoga 05, 2014

I recently got to review one of the novelties of Catrice range, which is BB cream. Since I am still looking for the perfect BB cream druggist rank that is easily accessible to everyone, I immediately jumped to try and bring you their impressions.

Catrice BB cream comes in a tube of 30ml at a price of around 6.5 euros. Vial is on top of a narrow which is easier to use products, but also contributes to the fact that they do not leak excess and that the thread is not messy like some cream and powder, of course, and hygiene. Packaging is simple, beige and looks quite solid and well, even more expensive than it is.

This BB cream is slightly thicker than most of those are not available in drug stores and somehow reminds me the most original ones, Asian. Easy to apply and blend. I was usually applied with straight-cut synthetic brush to the surface that it perfectly blends with the facial skin. Finish that gives a fresh, dewy, natural. The skin is a bit shiny, but it is the healthy glow that (if you do not mind) can be mitigated by using loose powder. I usually do not use powder for fixing because I really like how this BB cream looks alone. Seemingly smoothes the skin and has a good overlap that would okatakterizirala as something stronger medium. The vast majority will cover imperfections, including dark circles and redness. Blush, either in cream or powder, excellent sit on this cream.


As for the duration, I must admit that at this point really thrilled. On my face takes almost a whole day without any changes. I haven't noticed oxidizing nor accumulation in the pores and wrinkles which is really praiseworthy for one drugstore product.

Catrice BB cream comes in four different shades (010 Light Beige - my shade, 020 Rosy Beige, 030 Nude Beige, Warm Beige 040). From what I noticed, the nuances are well affected, not orange, and the advantage is that there is an election, and pink and yellow undertones.


My impression about this BB cream is the maximum positive and I am very pleased. I use it almost every day and it is usually the only thing you put on your face (no primer, concealer or loose powder) and I have already received several compliments on account of facial skin.

It is certainly recommended for those with dry and normal skin, while those whose skin is oily might have problems with unwanted extra glow. Rating 5/5!

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Hope you love it !

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