The biggest mistakes you're making while putting makeup

petak, rujna 19, 2014

First mistake: Use bronzer warm tones to draw contour

When it comes to bronzer, you might think that the key is in that golden glow, but that is exactly what it looks unnatural. Shadows, even those on the face, are actually cool tones. Johnson argues that the key to how to use a matte bronzer in cooler shades to achieve a definition that is plausible.

2nd mistake: Apply foundation with a flat brush

Look on Google images foundation brush, or foundation brush, and you will see that people have no idea what it is. Usually the applicable sales flat brush, but use this brush creates traces in your background. Instead, use a large, full brush with double fiber and circular movements dab foundation on your face.

Third mistake: Shadow using the same brush that you have applied a shadow

Blending is the key to a flawless smoky eye, but if the shadow of a dirty brush will help to like the result. The purpose of shadowing is to achieve a gradual darkening effect with gentle sexy lines, and use the same brush will add color to the places where they do not want. Johnson recommends that you take a clean fluffy brush and shadow using moves like to delete windscreen. Then insert a few circular movements to soften all sharp edges.

Fourth mistake: Color of  eyebrows needs to match the color of your hair

It will look like a doll. Naturally your eyebrows completely different shade than your hair, and these are the two or three shades lighter or darker. Apply the following rules when selecting a shade of eyebrow pencil if you have light hair, select two or three shades darker color, and if you have dark hair for you as a couple shades lighter pen.

Fifth mistake: Apply mascara in one go

When it comes to lashes, take care. Johnson thinks that the greatest mistake that clients make is that it applied a layer of mascara in one move upwards, the eyelashes are not extended or gives them volume. She recommends two or three layers and on this occasion use moves back and forth from the base of the lashes to the top until they pull out.

6th mistake: Apply Powder to secure makeup

This makes your skin looks dry, unnatural, and powdery, and also the zapušuje your pores. Although this is the traditional way that your makeup lasts, try a novelty: spray attachment. He controls the seeding of the skin by absorbing excess fat and your makeup stays in place.

7th mistake : Use white eyeliner to increase the eyes

A few years ago white eyeliner was hit in makeup for allegedly extended the eyes. This is out and it looks unnatural. Brands now make pastel colored pencils peaches that look natural and make your eyes fresher.

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