Morning routine / back to school

subota, rujna 20, 2014

1-First off you need the right materials for your skin
 If you have dry skin, stick to liquid concealers, and foundations. If you have oily skin, try powders. Did you know that they actually make powder concealers? If all else fails, double up your powder foundation. Finally if your skin is combination, try none! Maybe a little concealer for your trouble spots, but other than that none. You also will need some neutral eye shadows, nude lip colors, and pale bronzers if needed. You also may want to try some subtle, or clear mascara.

2-This step can't be stressed enough , but please invest in some nice brushes.
Keep them clean, and soft. You should have...
  • a concealer, and foundation brush
  • a couple eyeshadow brushes
  • a blending brush
  • an eyeliner brush
  • a blush / bronzer brush
3-Next, you must establish a makeup desk, and organize it.
 Make sure you know where everything is. Also you may need to separate everyday makeup from bolder colors reserved for special occasions. You also want a proper, and clean space to store your brushes.

4-After you've gotten properly organized, it's time to finally establish that routine. 
Set apart 15-20 minutes, or more time if necessary. Give yourself more time than you think you might need just in case, especially if you are just starting out.

5-Now you need to choose an eye shadow look. 
Choose one that you are fond of, but try to change it weekly. You will use it in the next step, so make sure you are happy with using it for a week at a time, but you can change it as often as you like, and recycle old looks as well.

6-First prime your face with foundation / concealer as necessary , and then recreate that eye shadow look.
 After that do your lashes with either brown, black, or clear mascara. Finally finish off with some nice lip balm.

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