Guest Post: What Causes Acne: The Ultimate Approach

srijeda, studenoga 15, 2017

Hannah Do is the founder of Thank Your Skin, a beauty blog dedicated to providing honest skin care advice and information. She aspires to help her readers achieve their most beautiful skin by sharing personal tips learned through both years of experience and thorough research. Click here to check out her latest article. You can find her on TwitterPinterest and Facebook

Applying moisturizer on your oily face can sound like a disaster. In reality, however, it’s actually what your skin needs.

Don’t believe it?

Well, for your skin to function and protect itself, it has these natural oils that strengthen its barrier. Once those oils are stripped off, your skin is forced to produce more oil to bring the balance back.

Unfortunately, this can spell disaster for your skin.

The more oil there is, the more prone you’ll be to having clogged pores and skin breakouts.

For someone who’s already dealing with large zits and blackheads, this is probably the last thing you want to happen, right?

So, instead of skipping moisturizers, try to find one that will work for your skin type. Choose a light-weight and oil-free moisturizer that can hydrate your skin without suffocating your pores.

Try to avoid anything that contains fragrance as that can irritate your skin, too.
Now, here’s something really interesting.

Moisturizers aren’t the only thing you have to worry about when you have acne. There are actually tons of things that can make your skin breakout.

This includes your diet, your stress level and even your physical activity.

If you are curious to learn more about the sneaky causes of acne, check out this really handy infographic.


INUIKII - Sneaker Classic Beige

nedjelja, studenoga 12, 2017


Cinzia Maag, born in Perugia, central Italy, came to Switzerland as a little girl in the early sixties. School and apprenticeship were followed by her first job in a bank. “As soon as I know how something works, I want more. I want to move on.” As an ambitious employee pursuing a career, she still finds time for a family. Her name: Cinzia Maag. Years later, as a leading trust manager, Cinzia is asked if she would like to take on the Swiss representation for shoes from Italy. The successful businesswoman’s foible for fashion and design, her passion for shoes, was even then no secret among her friends.

Cinzia chooses to brave the unknown. And does what she has always done: gives it all she’s got. Other collections follow the first; marketing shoes as an agency is followed by imports as a wholesaler. Cinzia Maag makes Hunter Boots, the exclusive rubber boots from Scotland, into the well-known premium brand in Switzerland, in Germany and in Austria. Building the brand and selling products involves being present at all the major trade shows, and cultivating regular personal contact with selected shoe stores and boutiques. Cinzia hones her ability to discern what people need and want in the way of shoes, and to recognize trends in advance. And maybe to help shape trends too?

Lambskin boots, legendary since the hippie era, would have great potential if they looked that bit more chic, trendy and elegant. Of this Cinzia Maag was sure – and began to juggle with ideas, combine materials, and ultimately, when the first prototypes of her fashion boots had taken shape, to organize.

Cinzia Maag founded a company with her sons Danilo and Alessio, and recruited the help of German-Turkish Kamil to open up new avenues for individual, proficient, premium shoe production in Turkey. Danilo Maag gave the young brand the name INUIKII. With the inspiration of Greenland winters and Swiss hearts INUIKII is born. INUIKII, a name with two words describes the beauty of two stories. «INU» as a word means attractive or is also used for the describing word «girl». IKII on the other hand represents the cold and cosy side of the boots, «cold» in the language of the Inuit. Both words are a short story of what the boots are and will be in future: the beauty of the cold! Cold feet are unheard of for anyone who wears the lambskin-lined INUIKII BOOTS – some prefer to wear them barefoot, enjoying the unique feel of bare skin in direct contact with the fine natural fleece.

The basis of every INUIKII winter boot is the lambskin inner shoes in combination with a patented natural-rubber sole. Everything else, the outer shell of the shoe, is varied, is INUIKII. Is feminine, is freaky, is one of-a-kind – is Cinzia. When Cinzia designs a new collection, she experiments with fine-quality leathers and unusual furs, with many different textiles and glittering sequins, with colour prints and gleaming metals. When sixty to seventy new design variants are created per season, carefully made by hand, the spectrum ranges from restrained elegance to bold but artful mixes of materials and colours. Each creation is a piece of Cinzia Maag, for whom INUIKII is the fulfilment of a deep longing: “With INUIKII I combine creativity, business acumen and organisational skills in a way that maybe already slumbered in me as a little girl from Italy.”

Cinzia is at peace with herself. She has found the tranquillity to look and dream, smell, touch and play like a child. Cinzia has found the confidence to keep moving towards her next goal, entirely unhurried, yet driven by her innate purposeful instinct. Next, she’s planning to launch INUIKII BOOTS for spring, summer and autumn: a soft, casual, light interpretation of the successful winter boot. The same philosophy, the same approach – a type of summer boot that has never existed before. Loosely caressing the ankles. And with an aura of extravagance and exclusiveness that is second to none.




Glassesshop - Review

srijeda, studenoga 08, 2017

Hi guys,

Since all of u know that I wear prescription glasses since I need the protection from working on computer, I'll talk about my recent eye glasses that I got from

GlassesShop is an American owned and operated online retailer of eyeglasses. Since the website launch in 2004, they have delivered over a million pairs of eyeglasses while maintaining their standard of providing the highest quality at affordable prices. They're a group of eye doctors that understands your struggle with the high cost of eyeglasses. They strive to make your experience with one that is not only user-friendly but also professional and reliable. Being able to deliver superior eyeglasses at an unbeatably-low price has allowed them to help people all over the world see clearly and, in turn, has provided their team with a more rewarding experience than we could have ever anticipated.

I got on their website and chose these glasses.. (click here)

They are so comfortable on your face, not heavy at all and they are just perfect. And now on their website you can buy one pair and get other one for free, which is great.. You can get 2 eyeglasses for $50 US.

Now, there is a special coupon code GSHOT50 for you! You can have 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses(sale frames excluded)

Check more frames on and also follow them on Instagram: @glassesshop_com 

Hope you have an excellent day and thank you for stopping by.


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Day and Night Skincare - Logona

utorak, listopada 03, 2017

Ono što zaista želim i uvijek nastojim jeste da nahranim svoju kožu lica i da izgleda zdravo. Naime, kako to postignem, pišem u nastavku..
Svako jutro kada se probudim, čistim lice odnosno koristim Logona Deep Cleansing Micelarnu Vodu i Logona Vitalizing Cleansing Gel. Onda nakon toga nanesem Logoninu dnevnu kremu za suhu i normalnu kožu, ostavim da dobro upije i tek onda se krenem šminkati. Navečer, skidam šminku istim proizvodima i nanesem regenerativnu noćnu kremu i under eye kremu za podočnjake. Malo više o samim proizvodima čitajte u nastavku.

Logona aktivna dnevna krema za suvu i normalnu kožu

bio ruža (Rosa Damascena) i Kalpariane ™ kompleks jača zaštitne funkcije kože
Smanjuje bore i pruža koži intenzivnu hidrataciju. Sa Kalpariane™ aktivnim kompleksom iz braon morskih algi koji podiže nivo ćelijske energije i održava elastičnost i čvrstinu kože.

Jača prirodne zaštitne funkcije kože i štiti je od štetnog djelovanja slobodnih radikala i negativnih uticaja sredine. Njeguje kožu, glača bore i čini je baršunasto mekom.

Upotreba: Nanesite kremu svako jutro na prethodno očišćeno lice i nježno umasirajte.
Savjet: Poslije čišćenja upotrijebite Logona osvježavajući tonik za lice kako bi pripremili kožu da brže i efikasnije apsorbuje aktivne sastojke kreme.

Logona regenerativna noćna krema za suvu i normalnu kožu

bio ruža (Rosa Damascena) i Kalpariane ™ kompleks smanjuje dubinu bora
Podstiče regeneraciju kože dok spavate. Sa Kalpariane™ aktivnim kompleksom iz braon morskih algi koji sprječava oksidativni stres, podiže nivo ćelijske energije i održava elastičnost i čvrstinu kože. 

Optimizuje hidro-lipidni balans. Smanjuje dubinu bora, jača otpornost kože i sprječava gubitak vlage.

Upotreba: Nanesite kremu svako veče na prethodno očišćeno lice i nježno umasirajte.
Savjet: Nakon čišćenja, upotrijebite Logona osvježavajući tonik za lice, kako bi pripremili
kožu da brže i efikasnije apsorbuje aktivne sastojke kreme.

Ove proizvode možete naći u Apotekama Sarajevo, Banja Luci, Prnjavoru, Trebinju, Bijeljini i ostalim gradovima a listu pogledajte ovdje.

Logonu pratite i na društvenim mrežama:



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